How to Choose the Best Packaging Label?

When it comes to package labeling, you want to choose something that will work for the long run.  There are a few key factors that work when choosing the right packaging.  The environment the product will be in is a key part.  You need to take into consideration the shape of it, how it’s handled, the way the label is applied, and also how the warehouse is capable of, any regulatory actions, and also the budget.  You should look at all of these when choosing the label.

You’ve got a few options as well. You can start with shrink sleeves. They are great for products, and they allow for a 360-degree label that’s perfect for displaying messages and graphics. They are for cardboard boxes, beverages, and they’re made to cover the full product and even create tamper band labels as well. 

There are also pressure sensitive lids, which are good for food and goods because of how they’re applied, and the variety of it.  they’re cut into different sizes and shapes, and they have a lot of adhesives and textures.  they’re great for manual, along with automated applications, but they also have nuances too.  The surface that these are applied to is seamless, and you can do it with corrugated, flexible, or rigid packaging, and you can choose different adhesives as well.  Many times, the way that these labels are kept is important too.

Then there is dry peel labeling. These are easily removable for packages and coupons.  You essentially stick it on, and they can be peeled away, and the person can create a point of purchase discount with this to use later on. This is also good for important information to be there.

Reseal booklets is also important.  They use a similar adhesive that folds it back, allowing you to access it once again in the future for reference.  it’s used for making sure that all of the information is on there that wouldn’t fit the original label.  You can see this in pharmaceuticals, or OTC medications that give warnings on dosages and information.  They also provide re-sealable packaging for convenience and are great for items that are opened and closed, and they’re kept fresh inside.

You want something that does enhance the durability and the visual appearance as well, such as varnishes, matte, and gloss finishes, and die-cuts that are used for branding.  You have a lot of options, and you should choose how you want it to be displayed, and the best way to have it look during the entirety of the lifecycle of the product.

Before you begin, do take some time to figure out what best works for you, and the best options that you may have.  You never know, sometimes the better options are closer than you think, and you should, if you’re looking to have a better and more rewarding packaging experience be able to do all of this, and make it work for you too.